Welcome to Iguana Residences!

Located in the heart of the stunning Costa del Sol beach, our private paradise offers you not only a coastal retreat, but an elevated lifestyle. Every corner of Iguana Residences is designed with attention to detail and intended to bring you comfort and beauty at every turn.

Our high-end residences offer a perfect balance of tropical charm and modern conveniences. From expansive terraces with panoramic ocean views to elegantly appointed interiors, each space is designed to reflect the relaxed luxury of beach living. Imagine relaxing by your own private pool while watching a dreamy sunset over the waters of the Pacific.

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Your Private Paradise on the Beach of Costa del Sol, El Salvador

At Iguana Residences, security and privacy are our top priorities. Our resort features state-of-the-art security systems and a team of dedicated staff to ensure that your stay is completely peaceful and worry-free.

For those seeking aquatic adventures, Costa del Sol beach offers a variety of activities, from world-class surfing to exquisite reef diving. In addition, our strategic location gives you access to rich local culture, delicious cuisine and the warmth of the Salvadoran community.